We are passionate about protecting you, your boat and our shorelines

The Anchor Cover

Made for a number of well-known recreational boat anchors.

Safety Comes First

Protecting our loved ones having fun on the beach!

Easy to Assemble

It's literally a snap to install these anchor covers.

Who we are

We're a family from and living in North Carolina that really enjoys having a great time at the beach. The outerbanks are part of our pleasure in life.

Why are we so passionate?

We've witnessed a few incidents where others have injured themselves on exposed anchors. A trip to the hospital tends to kill all the fun. That's why we've invented the SHAC*** ... an anchor cover that should prevent serious injury.

Additionally, we're aware of recreational lake boat captains seeking a way to protect their boats from anchors during deployment, retrieval, and stowage.

*** Patent Pending

A Few Details

We are currently manufacturing anchor covers for

  • Steel Danforth
  • Lewmar Aluminum (shown)
  • Fortress FX7
  • West Marine 8lb
  • West Marine 13lb

We'll have these, and perhaps some others makes, ready this spring.


  • Protects you and your boat.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Once you put it on you don't ever have to take it off.
  • The floating device marks the location after the tide comes in.
  • 10% of proceeds support Christian causes.
  • 10% of profits support coastal philanthropy.

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